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Yuridia mp3 download (57 tracks)

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Album: Nada Es De Color De Rosa mp3 download

Year: 2009
Artist: Yuridia
Quality: High
Rating: StarStarStarStar

Yuridia - Nada Es De Color De Rosa album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Yuridia - Irremediable.mp3 5.06 Mb download
2. Yuridia - Contigo.mp3 5.11 Mb download
3. Yuridia - Llevame.mp3 6.12 Mb download
4. Yuridia - Un Paso Mas.mp3 5.29 Mb download
5. Yuridia - Como La Marea.mp3 5.83 Mb download
6. Yuridia - Me Olvidaras.mp3 6.01 Mb download
7. Yuridia - Sin Miedo De Caer.mp3 6.25 Mb download
8. Yuridia - Sobrenatural.mp3 5.16 Mb download
9. Yuridia - Todas Las Noches.mp3 5.80 Mb download
10. Yuridia - Amor En Desamor.mp3 5.40 Mb download
11. Yuridia - No Me Preguntes Mas.mp3 5.81 Mb download
12. Yuridia - Me Faltas Tu.mp3 5.58 Mb download

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Album: Entre Mariposas mp3 download

Year: 2007
Artist: Yuridia
Quality: High
Rating: StarStarStar

Yuridia - Entre Mariposas album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Yuridia - En Su Lugar.mp3 6.63 Mb download
2. Yuridia - Me Pierdo.mp3 6.22 Mb download
3. Yuridia - Colgada a Ti.mp3 5.80 Mb download
4. Yuridia - Ahora Entend.mp3 6.64 Mb download
5. Yuridia - Ganas de Volar.mp3 6.35 Mb download
6. Yuridia - Sin Ti.mp3 6.23 Mb download
7. Yuridia - Enamorada.mp3 8.08 Mb download
8. Yuridia - Mde lo Que Pido.mp3 6.06 Mb download
9. Yuridia - Yo por.mp3 6.37 Mb download
10. Yuridia - DM.mp3 8.22 Mb download
11. Yuridia - Se Me Va La Vida.mp3 6.51 Mb download
12. Yuridia - Ya No.mp3 6.17 Mb download

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Album: Habla el Corazon mp3 download

Year: 2006
Artist: Yuridia
Quality: High
Rating: StarStar

Yuridia - Habla el Corazon album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Yuridia - Siempre Te Amare (Every Breath You Take).mp3 7.30 Mb download
2. Yuridia - Como Yo Nadie Te Ha Amado (This Ain't a Love Song).mp3 8.20 Mb download
3. Yuridia - Habla el Corazon (Listen to Your Heart).mp3 9.81 Mb download
4. Yuridia - Otro Dia Mas Sin Verte (Just Another Day).mp3 8.85 Mb download
5. Yuridia - Todo lo Que Hago lo Hago por Ti (Everything I Do, I Do It for You).mp3 7.31 Mb download
6. Yuridia - Eclipse Total del Amor (Total Eclipse of the Heart).mp3 10.11 Mb download
7. Yuridia - Estar Junto a Ti (Angel).mp3 7.61 Mb download
8. Yuridia - Regresa a Mi (Unbreak My Heart).mp3 8.21 Mb download
9. Yuridia - Rose.mp3 6.40 Mb download
10. Yuridia - Hombre del Piano (Piano Man).mp3 9.18 Mb download

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Album: La Voz De Un Angel mp3 download

Year: 2005
Artist: Yuridia
Quality: High
Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Yuridia - La Voz De Un Angel album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Yuridia - Amame.mp3 3.75 Mb download
2. Yuridia - Angel.mp3 5.05 Mb download
3. Yuridia - Ase Fue.mp3 5.53 Mb download
4. Yuridia - Como Yo Te Amo.mp3 4.64 Mb download
5. Yuridia - Darva.mp3 4.51 Mb download
6. Yuridia - Detras De Mi Ventana.mp3 5.42 Mb download
7. Yuridia - DBjame Volver Contigo.mp3 4.69 Mb download
8. Yuridia - La Muerte Del Palomo.mp3 4.07 Mb download
9. Yuridia - Lo Siento Mi Amor.mp3 4.79 Mb download
10. Yuridia - Maldita Primavera.mp3 3.69 Mb download
11. Yuridia - Mentira.mp3 4.68 Mb download
12. Yuridia - Mi Forma De Ser.mp3 3.93 Mb download
13. Yuridia - Peligro.mp3 4.04 Mb download
14. Yuridia - Si No Te Hubieras Ido.mp3 5.18 Mb download
15. Yuridia - Sobrevivir (Bonus Track).mp3 4.27 Mb download
16. Yuridia - T'.mp3 4.27 Mb download

Album: Yuridia mp3 download

Year: 2005
Artist: Yuridia
Quality: High
Rating: StarStar

Yuridia - Yuridia album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Yuridia - Amiga Mia.mp3 6.85 Mb download
2. Yuridia - Breathe.mp3 7.11 Mb download
3. Yuridia - Cielo Rojo.mp3 6.60 Mb download
4. Yuridia - De Hoy En Adelante.mp3 7.40 Mb download
5. Yuridia - Donde Estaras Ahora.mp3 3.86 Mb download
6. Yuridia - From This Moment.mp3 8.00 Mb download
7. Yuridia - Jacinto Cenobio.mp3 6.30 Mb download
8. Yuridia - Llegar A Ti.mp3 7.85 Mb download
9. Yuridia - No Hay Nada Que Perder.mp3 5.39 Mb download
10. Yuridia - Sobrevivire.mp3 4.89 Mb download
11. Yuridia - Still The One.mp3 6.37 Mb download
12. Yuridia - Tu Dama De Hierro.mp3 5.57 Mb download
13. Yuridia - Uninvited.mp3 8.10 Mb download

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Artist: Yung Prince
Song: Big Hammers


I got big hammers I ain't talkin bout da fixin tool! but den again diz might fix ya whole mine dude! I roll deep wit at least about 30 goons! we'll leave yo ass in a muta fuckin swimming pool! full of blood yea! wit no witnesses, Anybody snitching? I don't think so kid, don't let the name Yung Prince fool ya! Imma goon in these streets and I ain't gone retire! my money is long! and you should know that! I stepped up on da scene wit sum diamonds on my neck wit my Loui bag full of cash wit my strap, and my new fitted hat cocked to da back, I ain't from da projects but I stay strapped, dey want me dead now cause dey see me making stacks! I'm makin stacks all day and all nite movin work all day and all night get it right!


You niggas don't want it wit M*M*C* Yep money motivated clique! fuck wit da team! we put dez beams on yo fo' head leave you and you clique dead! fuck da hip-hop police dey tryin to pop me off mang! stacks falling out my pocket bitches on my jock man diamonds in my grill got it shining like a latruen bitches know da name kid it's craved on my neck less my flow is so hard it's so hard like an erection my swag is so exclusive you can call me the freshest, I got a lot of hoes but ain't one of dim pregnant IF A BITCH SAY THAT SHE HAVIN MY BABY SHE MUST BE CRAZY My flow is insane and my lyrics is contagious, these bitches give me brain in my uncles Mercedes I ain't gotta license but I like to joy ride whippin dat bitch to 80 while I'm supa dupa high!


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